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Best Laid Plans? A Discussion of Which Benefits Can Protect Your FIRE Goals from Unforseen Accidents

The Benefits of FI is all about sharing our knowledge on benefits and how to make choices that align with your FI and FIRE goals. One of those choices with our employer-provided benefits is income protection — supplemental life insurance, accident indemnity, critical illness coverage and more.

In this Blog Talk Radio podcast from industry expert Carol Harnett, she covers how to make choices with income protection in mind. It’s unbiased information told deliberately — and there’s even a shout-out from Harnett to the FI mindset around the 11-minute mark if you just want to fast-forward that part!

…not to denigrate any benefits but let’s say one of your dreams is to retire earlier in your career than maybe your parents did or some of your friends are going to…make sure you’re choosing benefits that help with that plan.

Be on the lookout for posts here on the Benefits of FI about income protection, and in the meantime this podcast provides you with some good basics on what to consider.

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