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Over 65 and Retired? Here’s the Difference between Medicare Advantage and Medigap (AKA Medicare Supplement)

I still have more than two decades until I’ll be eligible for Medicare and hence eligible to shop for Advantage or Medigap coverage. But I’ve been close enough along the periphery of commercial Medicare coverage that it has become clear to me that selecting a Medicare Advantage/Supplement plan is incredibly complex. I also know that you can literally save — or cost yourself — thousands of dollars annually if you make bad choices.

Louis Norris knows these truths as well. She has been helping Medicare-eligible people select coverage for a long time, now. She’s also been contributing her knowledge to websites like, She’s a strong proponent of coverage and a trusted expert on the Medicare-eligible market.

Here is her advice on knowing the difference between your options and how your choice(s) will impact your wallet in the first year and the years that follow.

“How to choose between Medicare Advantage, Medigap and Part D” (link to external site)

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