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An Example of Why It’s so Important to Ask What Your Medical Services Cost

Morgan Gleason is a 20-year-old patient advocate living with a rare condition that requires monthly treatments. It’s manageable but also costs a lot, and she relies on health insurance to reduce her and her parents’ costs significantly.

She recently decided to compare both what hospitals were charging her and her insurance companies, and what her insurance companies were paying and telling her to pay. Her post on it, “No Wonder Healthcare Is so Expensive!” is frustrating, revealing and educational — you should go read it right now! She has a clear grasp on both the economics and the insanity of it all.

On the surface, this is not a post about financial independence. But it does show, in illuminating detail, why it’s incredibly valuable to always ask what things cost in health care. You will rarely get a straight answer but the more you ask, the easier it becomes, and the easier it becomes, the better you can navigate the system to your best advantage both financially, physically and mentally.

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