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FI Benefits 2020 Special, Part 4: Finding Benefits on Your Own

Over the past month, we’ve been looking back on posts from 2018 and 2019 that have given you advice on how to think of your benefits, what criteria matters most when comparing your options, and much, much more. The main focus has been those among us that work for—and get our benefits from—others. THE MAN, if you will. In this installment, we’re talking about those who are on their own for benefits, whether self-employed, over 65 or FIRE. Here are some deets on what do get or not get when you’re out there hunting and gathering in the benefits wilderness!

First up, we try to dispel of some myths being passed around the FI community about all of the options that seem to be available to you. Some things may look good on a balance sheet but may leave you exposed in the long run. That’s why they call it insurance!

Next up, we talk a bit about some of the criteria to really focus on when looking at health insurance options. Again, math is super-valuable but there’s more to the math than meets the eye.

Finally, we speak directly to those who’ve reached the FIRE mountaintop. Unfortunately, while most of your expenses will go down in retirement, your health care expenses will almost certainly go up. Keep that in mind when deciding your number for retirement and ensuring there are no hiccups when riding off into the retirement sunset!C

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