About Us

The Benefits of FI is a blogging community that helps you understand why and how insurance and benefits matter on your journey to financial independence.

There’s a bunch of benefits information out there in the employer benefits community — from insurance companies, brokers, and others. Likewise, there’s a vibrant and growing FI community, but relatively few in the community talking about benefits. We wanted to bring the two together by creating a blogging community to talk about topics that will help people provide for themselves and for their families both while working and in modern retirement.

Employers spend approximately 30% of compensation dollars on benefits. Yet benefits are poorly understood, messy, confusing, oversold and underutilized. We want to create content that helps you understand your benefits in plain English and aggregate benefits information from independent, expert voices so that you can make good decisions and optimize their value for you. Ultimately we hope to help people sleep better at night knowing they are properly covered for life’s events while also swiftly moving toward their financial objectives.

How we do it

We’re assembling a community of contributors who are passionate about helping all of us  extract maximum value from our employer-offered benefits while avoiding wasting money on products that do not help us. We have been fascinated by the drive and focus of the Financial Independence (FI) community for a while now and benefiting from all of the blogs and podcasts. We saw an opportunity to lend our expertise to helping the community better understand employer benefits topics like healthcare, life insurance, retirement, and the myriad new financial and wellness benefits being offered today.


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