Meet Shan and Shawn

Shandon Fowler and Shawn Jenkins, Cofounders of The Benefits of FI

The Benefits of FI was  founded by Shandon Fowler and Shawn Jenkins, a couple of good friends who have worked together for a decade. One morning over coffee we were talking about the FI community and the employer benefits communities and how there has been very little overlap. We thought it was an unnecessary gap because these benefits are supposed to help people provide for their families. Yet people are as confused as ever about all of these insurance and financial products. We know how tuned in the FI community is to their finances, savings rates, frugality strategies, side-hustles, and travel rewards. So we figured we could contribute to the community by organizing some of the best thinking on benefits utilization and strategies to maximize their value for you and your family.

Shandon Fowler is The Benefits of FI’s Editor-in-Chief and a frequent contributor. By day, he’s an independent benefits technology and communication consultant, as well as a self-described health care wonk. He’s passionate about helping people find health coverage and make the most of it through their most common provider, their employers. He worked with Shawn at Benefitfocus (more on that below) to help build out their award-winning products. He’s also no stranger to offering practical advice with a touch of humor — his book, The Groom’s Instruction Manual, is Amazon’s #1 best-selling wedding planning book for men, with nearly 100,000 copies sold and editions printed in 7 languages worldwide.

Shawn Jenkins is a co-founder and prior CEO (2000 to 2017) of Benefitfocus, a software platform that is transforming the healthcare and benefits industries. He lead the company from startup through Initial Public Offering, $250m in annual revenue, and $1b valuation. Shawn worked with an amazing, talented, group of people to grow the company through many milestones and ultimately to allow him to retire early while they continue to grow and make the company successful.

Shawn is a passive member of the blog and occasionally posts from his beloved hometown of Charleston, SC or wherever the wind has taken him and his family.

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