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Do the Math!

In the cult-classic Jack Black movie, School of Rock, there is a funny scene where he “teaches” the kids to do the math. On the fly he grabs a guitar and creates a song that goes like this… “


Math is a wonderful thing

Math is a really cool thing

So get off your ath let’s do some math

Math, math, math, math, math


Do the Math, FI Style!

We had a fun idea of creating a section of the blog called “Do the Math” for benefits, healthcare, retirement, and all-around FI math illustrations.


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The FI Way to Think About Your Benefits

How we think about a topic affects our decisions. When it comes to the benefits that an employer offers us we can step back a bit and get a different perspective that will help us make better decisions and hopefully improve our lives.

First of all let’s acknowledge that the entire insurance and benefits experience is pretty darn frustrating. It is so tangled up and layered with jargon that we often give up before we begin evaluating our options. When you add in the complexities of government rules and programs it gets even more difficult to comprehend.

Here are some suggestions that hopefully will help you think about your benefits in a better way.


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