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FI Benefits 2020 Special, Part 3: Open Enrollment Is Here! How to Pick Your Benefits

In parts 1 and 2 of our FI Benefits 2020 Special, we helped you get in the FI mindset when it comes to benefits, especially health insurance options, and then we gave you some strategies to help you figure out how to think about selecting your benefits. In this installment, we give you practical advice for choosing benefits.

We know that you love doing the math, and these posts will give you a good idea of the most crunchable numbers related to your annual choices for health insurance and other benefits. Let’s get started!


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Advice for My Daughter on Selecting First Employee Benefits

Over on his personal blog, Platform for Good, our cofounder Shawn has written an excellent post on the advice he gave his daughter as she readied to select benefits through her employer for the first time. It’s chock-full of insights from an adult life spent contemplating how to make the best choices for your present and your future, organized into five helpful tips for making your benefits choices. Get on over there and give it a read!

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Best Laid Plans Need Best Laid Plans

This stat, from the nonprofit Council for Disability Awareness, is a great reminder that it’s not only a good idea to have an emergency fund but to take a serious look at some kind of disability insurance. Maybe you’ll get your emergency fund to a point where insurance isn’t as critical. Until then, don’t forget to be multi-layered in your hedges against the unexpected.

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

See that photo up there? Those are my boys. I love them with all of my heart, as does the rest of the family. The one on the right (Louie) went to the vet just yesterday and my wife sent me this text message when they were finished: “He’s an expensive child.”

That’s the reality with pets. They may not be nearly as expensive as children in the long run — until somebody figures out a way to send pets off to college — but they’re members of the family and we want to make sure we can care for them as such.

An article from the “Your Money” section of the New York Times walks through the perceived value, or lack thereof, of getting pet insurance. Here’s the TL;DR: Pet insurance is probably not worth it in the same way it’s worth it for humans — except if you get a great deal through your employer. More on that below this list.


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The Benefits of Employer-Provided Student Loan Debt Pay-down

Why are an increasing number of employers offering benefits that address financial wellness, including student loan payoff? Simply put, it’s good for their business. A non-distracted workforce equates to more productivity. It is also a powerful recruitment tool.

While there are benefits to employees who are trying to get out from under the yoke of student loan debt, are there better ways to protect one’s financial future? Before you sign up for the company student loan debt repayment benefit, there are some things you need to consider.


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